OurPerfectDay.com's mission is to provide unique, custom, and personal websites about special occasions so you can Share Your Story with your family and friends. Our site strives to provide a powerful message about your special day that will impress all who view it. Your custom website will provide valuable insight, and very important information about your special event to your guests. Out of town family and friends can still be part of your perfect day even if they can not travel to attend the occasion. We will also provide personalized customer support to make sure all your requirements are taken care of. We are available to assist and help you with every phase of the creative design process. After the event share photos with your loved ones. Time travels by so fast and now you can stop time. Capture the day and hold onto your memories with a special website.

We will design, host, and maintain your custom website package which will be posted for one full year:


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
HTML is a document fromat that is used on the World Wide Web. HTML is a still image page format. You can simply launch a page from a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and view your custom designed website. HTML pages are similar to a snapshot or photograph.

Flash Enhanced Animation
Flash animation software utilizes a very compact vector graphic format. Flash animation is used for the creation of text effects, banners, splash pages, games, navigation systems, and entire websites. Flash makes it possible to have high impact web sites, alive with animations, interactive interfaces, and powerful graphics. You can simply launch a page from a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and view your custom designed website. Flash pages are similar to a motion picture or movie.



Additional services and extended hosting time:


CD ROM of your entire website including photos:
A compact disk of your custom designed web site including photos that you can give to your family and friends. The first one is free. (We recommend to wait for your CD until all photos are posted)
$20.00 each for additional copies.

Extened site time:
Extended hosting of your custom website beyond one year is available. Please ask for current pricing.




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